Localization Explorer

Localization Explorer

1. Opening Localization Explorer

Localization explorer lets you manage your localized assets in a single window. You can access the window via

Window -> GameToolkit -> Localization -> Localization Explorer

2. Add/Modify/Delete localized asset

Add a localized asset by clicking Localization Explorer -> Create

  • Select an asset type from drop-down menu opened.

  • Give a name for the created asset. The asset created is shown in the localization explorer.

  • Selected localized asset can be renamed by clicking Rename button and deleted by clicking Delete button.

  • Built-in Duplicate (Ctrl+D), Delete (Shift+Del) and Frame Selected (F) commands works with multi-selection.

  • Expand the created asset and add locale (language & value pair) as many as you want by clicking + button. Also you can remove the selected locale by clicking - button through the explorer.

3. Quick translate missing locale(s)

You can translate missing locale(s) automatically by clicking Translate By button:

  • Choose a language that has already translated

Quick Translate option is available only for Text assets and it must be configured. See Quick Translate configuration to learn how to configure it correctly.