Localization Explorer
Localization Explorer

1. Opening Localization Explorer

Localization explorer lets you manage your localized assets in a single window. You can access the window via
Window -> GameToolkit -> Localization -> Localization Explorer

2. Add/Modify/Delete localized asset

Add a localized asset by clicking Localization Explorer -> Create
    Select an asset type from drop-down menu opened.
    Give a name for the created asset. The asset created is shown in the localization explorer.
    Selected localized asset can be renamed by clicking Rename button and deleted by clicking Delete button.
    Built-in Duplicate (Ctrl+D), Delete (Shift+Del) and Frame Selected (F) commands works with multi-selection.
    Expand the created asset and add locale (language & value pair) as many as you want by clicking + button. Also you can remove the selected locale by clicking - button through the explorer.

3. Quick translate missing locale(s)

You can translate missing locale(s) automatically by clicking Translate By button:
    Choose a language that has already translated
Quick Translate option is available only for Text assets and it must be configured. See Quick Translate configuration to learn how to configure it correctly.
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