Import/Export (CSV)
You can import and export your localized text assets with CSV files easily.

Exporting to CSV File

Follow these steps to export your text assets as CSV file:
Window -> GameToolkit -> Localization -> Export .csv
It will create a CSV file to path you selected.
Languages that are included in localization settings can be exported only.
Example CSV File

Importing from CSV File

Follow these steps to import a CSV file to your project:
Window -> GameToolkit -> Localization -> Import .csv
It will create text assets which does not exist before, and updates ones that are exist before. There are few rules for importing a CSV file successfully:
    The first record must be a "header", which contains column names in each of the fields
      The first column of the first record is the asset name (Key).
      Following columns are the languages that are used in the project.
        Language column must have ISO-639-1 language code. If the column has any other data like language name or something like that, it must be separated by whitespace from the language code.
    Following records contains localized text values regarding to the corresponding language.
      The first column must have the asset name (Key) that must be unique.
You can specify import location for newly created localized text assets from localization settings.
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